A Peek into thy Gold

Thee shall not escape my mind, Closest people to I, Thou hold my heart thou always pumped. Faces of thee now am I able to connect with thy names, And finally embraceth thee, a virtual floating head no longer. Enveloped in … Continue reading


Your soul and mine, intertwined at our first meet A rush of wistful, passionate, consciousness An awareness that I exist And that you exist And the possibility of our simultaneous existence. A natural connection, instinctive As if my whole life, … Continue reading

Clear Our Minds: Focus. (Pt 2, AH)

September is usually a month of falling into an accustomed routine. Summer is over, school is in full swing, and life rolls by. However, in this routine I found myself becoming distracted and losing focus whether it be with my … Continue reading

Take Me Back

I wrote this a while back for the Chicago MAS 2013 Fundraising Dinner. Being in these blessed days of Dhul Hijja makes me yearn to go back to the most sacred place on earth. Having a spiritual high is so … Continue reading

Back to the beginning, a renewal. May we live and die doing khair for the sake of Allah.

—We Both Know (God and now I)— I just realized how much I’ve been holding back, back from really feeling. This strange phenomenon occurred subconsciously, anything but purposely… My heart and brain has been fighting to block out hurt and … Continue reading