From Slump to Triumph- Inshallah ( Pt 2. AH)

Sitting in Union Station, waiting for my ride to pick me up after having just arrived after a 3 hour train ride, munching on my sandwich on the first day of the new year, I heard someone saying above me, “she’s … Continue reading

Slump to Triumph -InshAllah (Pt 1. IH)

Every New Year’s eve, Azkar and I discuss the things that we want to accomplish in the new year–essentially our New Year’s resolutions. To follow up with our resolutions, we spend the entire year making bucket lists: winter break bucket … Continue reading

Blog Launch Tea Party!

A few of weeks ago, on October 12, we had a TeaPromise Blog Launch Party themed as a tea party! Alhamdulilah it turned out to be a great event with wonderful people and what we hope came across as a … Continue reading

Take Me Back

I wrote this a while back for the Chicago MAS 2013 Fundraising Dinner. Being in these blessed days of Dhul Hijja makes me yearn to go back to the most sacred place on earth. Having a spiritual high is so … Continue reading

Be Healthy, Be Fit

The first of this month, I went with my good friend Toomy to the Women’s Self-Workout in the Park, in Chicago. It was a blast. They had all kinds of exercise routines from Fat Burning Pilates to Zumba to Buff … Continue reading