Take Me Back

I wrote this a while back for the Chicago MAS 2013 Fundraising Dinner. Being in these blessed days of Dhul Hijja makes me yearn to go back to the most sacred place on earth. Having a spiritual high is so much easier when in constant ibadah (worship) environment. The real test is in our every day life. May we all get a chance to go Mekkah and Medina again and again. 

Umrah 2012

Umrah 2012

—Journey of the Heart—

Sisterhood growing into something enchanting, rewarding,
Building devoid of destroying.
Giving fruit to a leaf of spirituality….
I search and I yearn, unknowing of what’s to become.
But I know that there is something deep within, wanting to crystalize.
Is it motivation, passion, conviction? Wanting to put itself into execution…
Or An intelligent heart…
As a student of science, that comes contrary to study,
But as a student of life and faith I believe intelligence… does not just reside in the mind as so many of you think,
Instead there is a beauty in the heart that manifests itself into brilliance,
Noor from within to outshine any darkness,
A spirituality that guides the lost soul, the overworker, busy person, sad-ridden individual,
Let your heart wonder and ponder your surroundings,
A journey in the footsteps of the Legends in mekkah and medineh is what helped my soul strengthen,
Stepping onto the marble floors leading to green rugs of the rawda in masjid al-nabawee,
Ya habeeby ya rasool Allah,
Ashtaqu ilayk, Allahuma ijma3na bihi, warzuqna shurbatan min yadhi alkareemah  ya Allah,
Encaptured in serenity enveloped in every aspect of purity down to my very cells, uplifting my spirituality,
Inches away from the leader of this ummah,
Stepping where the sahabah stepped, wanting to resemble them, the best friends of this humble being,
Instilling humility in me,
Further travelling to mekkah with my MAS Youth umrah family continuing this spiritual journey.
From the young to the old, in this trip, all of us were of one family with the same goal.
Nerves jumping, overwrought with excitement, feeling ice cold yet a burning fire, a desire to see, to feel, to encompass, to witness this holy place the direction we pray minimum 5 times a day to,
Always so close yet so far away in our homes praying.
But alhamdulilah I was blessed with a chance, an invitation from Allah,
Able to witness such majestic glory.

Upon entering the haram for the first time ever,
Smiling from ear to ear,
My feet floating above the ground,
I’m getting closer and closer,
The kabah coming into view,
My hands raised up,
My intelligent heart making duaa in super mode on hydrolics,
My eyes glued to bait illah,
My lips uttering labayak Allahuma labayak, labayaka la shreeka laka labayk, inna alhamda wanilni3mata, laka walmulk, la shreeka lak.

Upon completing the entire umrah, I felt renewed, empowered, energized with a burst of faith.
However, our umrah mentors warned us all that this was the easy part.
Surrounded in 3ibadah constantly, no distractions for us to dart.
The hard part will be when we go back home, back to reality.
How will we face our adversity?
And indeed our mentors did not tell a lie.
At times I feel as if I left my heart back in medineh.
As I think back to my umrah journey, I am reminded that it still remains with me because my intelligent heart speaks to my brain,
telling her stories of the vivid memories, keeping my spirituality strong, exhilarated never to wane.
This beautiful taste of faith, halawit il-iman, To keep us going…


© 2012 TeaPromise. All Rights Reserved.

One thought on “Take Me Back

  1. Keep up the good work. Mashallah. It is not school or any earthling object that keeps us going, but rather our faith.

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