Clear Our Minds: Focus. (Pt 2, AH)

September is usually a month of falling into an accustomed routine. Summer is over, school is in full swing, and life rolls by. However, in this routine I found myself becoming distracted and losing focus whether it be with my school work, my memorizing, or just daily tasks. This inattentiveness eventually led to wasting time, and I didn’t like that. I wanted to benefit from each second I had and this theme helped me clear my mind and bring it back to reality. So I wrote a poem, below, in regards to my experience. To read Isra’s part 1, click here.

–Fruits Forthcoming–September 2013

Hands handling hard labor,
Dedicated to dispatch delicate deadlines,
Mind muddled in murky mud,
Wait, what was I wanting to work with?
Bring back beautiful balance to my blood, body, breath, and being.
Diving deep into dutiful devotion,
Toiling truly at my terribly tiring tough tasks,
Wisdom wanders wayward without me,
Wait, what was I wanting to work with?
Pause, put past previous presumptions, plans, proposals, and prospects,
Review my records, renew my rules, rejuvenate my reality, reaffirm my resilience.
Trembling tears transform to torrents,
Windows wide with waxing wind wafting in and wiping the wetness,
Breathe in the brave breezes and bloom into a brilliant bold believer.
Fix it, Fine tune it, Feel it, and Focus.
Focus forward fully, fearlessly, and firmly on the fruits forthcoming.


© 2012 TeaPromise. All Rights Reserved.

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