Tea, a vital part of many cultures, brings people together and serves as an invitation into one’s heart, mind, soul, and spirit. Tea time is reserved for reflections and meaningful conversations that warm the brilliance of one’s soul and provide a cozy, relaxing environment.

We are a pair of best friends who grew up together sharing many similar yet different experiences. A couple of years ago, we developed a theme that reflected our lives at that point in time.  We learned so much from our theme that we decided to come up with a new theme at the beginning of each month–a promise for the betterment of ourselves. Our monthly themes serve as a roadmap to guide us through any difficulties we may be experiencing and they work to ultimately help us grow into better people and conduct worthwhile lives, inshAllah, all with the help of God.

The purpose of this blog is to share our monthly themes, reflections, poetic art, and other thoughtful insights from our daily experiences so that others may benefit from the things that are a source of enlightenment for us. So sit back, grab a cup of tea, and join our promise. 

–Azkar H. and Isra H. (AIH)


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    • Hi!
      Thank you so much! We just launched our blog, so we are super excited. Yea, Fatima is a good friend of mine. Glad that you liked our blog, and inshallah more good stuff to come. So state tuned by subscribing to TeaPromise.


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