I wish I could take all your pain.

For the children of Gaza:

Sometimes I wish I could take all your pain, bottle it up and wish it all away into the waves of the roaring ocean. But then I realize, I can do something even better for you. I can call on the Almighty because He will not only take your pains away, but He will replace them with patience and reliance and you will have no choice but happiness. ❤

TI 2013

TI 2013


Beautiful Patience (Pt. 2 AH)

There are many different levels of patience, but the highest level of patience is Beautiful Patience. This is the level attained by Prophet Yacub  as mentioned in Isra’s Pt 1. The root word of patience, sabr, means to hold back, restrain. … Continue reading

Beautiful Patience (Pt. 1 IH)

Yusuf (Joseph) was one of many sons of Yacub (Jacob), peace and blessings upon them both. Yusuf was Yacub’s favorite and his other sons realized this and became jealous to the point when they plotted to kill Yusuf. The eldest … Continue reading