Ohhh, Transitions!

I detest change. Even to the slightest degree. Once, years ago, I came home from school and had to study for exams that week. I was stressed out and exhausted and was running on coffee (which I hate) and little … Continue reading

10 years.

Last month marked ten years since my family picked up and moved across the world. We left our Illinois home and moved to Jordan where we lived for three years in what seemed like another world. Though I knew how … Continue reading

Sunday Morning Musings 2

*I am thinking about making this a regular segment on the blog, since Sundays seems to be the days I wind down and gather all my thoughts. “Sorrow prepares you for joy. It violently sweeps everything out of your house so … Continue reading

Shades of Change: A Month of New Beginnings. Bismillah.

Inhaling air molecules. Hold it in; Pause. Blinking the blurry images swiftly across my vision. Buzzing sounds filtering through my ears. Rough surfaces scratching my fingers. Hard piece of candy sticking to my teeth. RELEASE it all- exhale the smell of … Continue reading