After the long afternoon spent
packing, I looked over at the room
that looked much bigger now that it was empty.
Then I picked up the rusty nail that
I had found on the floor earlier that day and
I began to carve my initials into the wall
by the closet. It was like the last time, I thought,
and my mind quickly transported to a time
four years prior when I went through the same actions.
But this time was different. Last time I was excited
to start fresh and I was still so little. But
this time I knew that my life would never be the same.
I was leaving my niche for a new unknown
life.  I wiped away the small flakes of wood
to see myself more clearly. I stare at every
scrape I made into the wall and I place my hand
over it and feel every nudge of my identity.
I slowly got up and left the long, barren
room to be just another scene in my

© 2012 TeaPromise. All Rights Reserved.

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