A Peek into thy Gold

Thee shall not escape my mind,
Closest people to I,
Thou hold my heart thou always pumped.
Faces of thee now am I able to connect with thy names,
And finally embraceth thee, a virtual floating head no longer.
Enveloped in thy love that never ceases to end.
Thee I hast knoweth for a greater purpose than thou knowest,
but now knoweth deeper than thy lines marking thine palms.

Something I saweth in each dear to my heart
that perhapseth shalt not have saweth.
Tis so raw and personal, maybe oversteppedeth I.
Twas something not spoketh nor expressedeth,
Perhaps twas a secret meant to kepteth hidden,
But twas so evident to I simply in thy demeanor thou carriedeth.
Eyes see’eth beyond thy let on to showeth,
Mayhap thou not the only one to put on an act?
Each thou carryest a personal struggle too heavy,
Yet thou chooseth to hold thy work for a cause too worthy
Whilst thy could set aside and puruse thine intimate concerns instead.
Thee speak not for fear of others’ care,
Whilst thee should be careth for self instead.

Believest thou in work and love much greater than thou,
Putest thou last, thine sleep emotions and desires surely sacrificeth.
Peekest inside when mayhap I shalt not,
But looketh I hast for care from the depth of my soul.
Thee may believeth thy underserving, unworthy, unready to love and be loved,
Au contrair, thee overflowing to giveth and most deserving to receiveth.
Whisperest into the ground about thou every secret moment I hast,
Thou shookest my world from yonder,
Waiteth I till ye come hither,
Same frequency thou movest as I moreover.
Thou allowest me entereth and vieweth thine vulnerable beauty,
Not of weakness, but of strength and bravery.
Not with clear permission I peekest with care
In the depth of thy kind selfless appreciating fervor,
And for that, truly humbled am I.
Ye being ye, remainest focused whereagainst all.
Concernest I for thy weight quickly shed
Knowest I something thy silently hold.
If ye granteth me, comforteth and embraceth ye I shall
For thou tryest hideth thine pain that my eyes shalt not deny.

Golden are thou from every crack thou encounter,
Fear not thine journey I knowest thou shall gracefully travel.
Thou sufferest and damage hath experiencest,
Fill thine chipped cup with thine gold for thou radiance doth overpower.
If thou only knowest the brilliance thou hath,
Forget not, thou art truly golden,
And once again, I thank ye for allowest me a peek into thy gold.
I pray thee be blessed, guided, loved, fulfilled, and in everlasting bliss adorned.



If need clarification on the old English, click here.


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