On Being an Introvert

I enjoy being social. I really do. I like hanging out with friends and meeting new people. I find happiness in spending time with loved ones and I always get new insights when in the company of others. I love dressing up and going out and I feed off of others’ joy. But the idea of it all is very exhausting.

When I was in college, I took the Myers-Briggs test for the first time and results showed that I was an introvert.  I was confused at first, because I still liked being with friends and having fun. However, a recent incident brought all my confusions to light and confirmed what I have been learning about myself recently. I was notified a few weeks ago that a bunch of friends were going to dinner that night to celebrate one of our friends. I was not expecting to go out on such short notice. I wanted to say no, and had it been any other person, I probably would have. But the celebration was for someone dear to me, and I knew that it was required of me to go.

I went to the celebration, and I had a good time and I was happy that I went and even happier that my friend appreciated me being there. But the rest of the weekend was super busy. I was out all day Saturday and Sunday  morning was filled with tasks that I needed to get done before the weekend was over. It was not until Sunday night that I had a chance to catch up on some work that I had to get done, and even that was not relaxing. When Monday rolled around, I was already waiting for the weekend again because I had not had time to properly prepare for the week.

How do I properly prepare for a new week, you ask? I relax, reflect, and pray.  I never understood how crucial that was to my mental well-being until now. When I am out running errands or being social, I have no time to reflect and very little time to pray. The lack of these keys in my life becomes my source of nervousness.  Reflection is important to me. When I do not have that time alone with myself to reflect, then I miss out on a lot, and as a result, I am not at my best. This may sound crazy to you extroverts out there, but I need “me” time with no one else but myself.  I need to think about my day/week, to pray, and to mentally prepare myself for going back out into the crazy world we live in.

This is not to say that I do not get along with extroverts. On the contrary, some of the people closest to me in life are extroverts. I love being with them and with the other introverts in my life. I love spending time with others, and I do believe that I am a social person. However, I realize that the busier my life gets, the more time I need alone with myself so I can re-energize and function at my highest mental capacity.



2 thoughts on “On Being an Introvert

  1. I can completely relate. I enjoy outings and spending time with others but I also need “me” time. If my weekend is spent out all day or socializing, the week ahead is becomes chaotic and I can barely get things done. Glad to know I’m not alone. 😉

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