Reliever of Worries

The anxiety is gnawing at me
Worry is tearing me apart
Tears build up
bursting from the fountains that are my eyes
And hopelessness overcomes me.

With a sincere heart,
I put my face to the ground
and ask you
“Ya farij alhem, Oh Reliever of worries,
Relieve my worries”

And almost immediately,
you do.
And my heart swells with Your Love.


يا فارج الهم و يا كاشف الغم, فرج همي واكشف غمي وارحم ضعفي وقلة حيلاتي ويسر امري وارزقني من حيث لا احتسب

Oh Reliever of worries and Detector of gloom, relieve my worries and detect my gloom and have mercy on my weaknesses and shortcomings, and ease my affairs and give me means from sources I would have never imagined.



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