The Dress: Realizations

My older brother got married three years ago. I was searching for a dress to wear to his wedding for weeks to no avail. Then one day I found a dress that was decent looking. The color was not ideal and it made me look bulgy in certain areas, but it was not a big deal and definitely something that I could live with. It wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, but it was good enough and within my price range, so it worked. But despite the relief of having found a dress that I liked, something deep down inside of me was telling me not to buy it. There was that possibility that I could find a prettier dress, one that I really loved. But even though, I ignored all of the voices in my head and I bought it because I didn’t want to risk not finding a better dress and losing this one at the same time. Weeks later, I was browsing in the mall and I came across another dress. The fit was more flattering than I could have ever imagined, and it was just perfect. It was a little bit pricier than the one I bought, but it was completely worth the extra cost.

Sometimes, life presents an opportunity that seems appealing to you, but deep down, you know something is wrong and that you should not pursue it. But you pursue it anyway, out of fear of not finding anything better. Then something better comes along and causes you to realize that you are worth much more than you give yourself credit for.

You don’t have to settle for the mediocre dress. You can have the extraordinary dress.

You are worthy of the best. Listen to yourself. Follow your heart. Be patient. Take risks. That’s the only way to give yourself what you truly deserve.


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