Letters to the Winners

#OurThreeWinners shook this earth in early February, lighting up the world, leaving a legacy of kindness, service, and faith. Their story hit home to us because we saw ourselves in them. We were amazed at the impact they left on the world and they have truly become our heroes. Though many of us were up to date with the story as it was unravelling, we mustn’t forget their legacy and their families now as the hype has calmed. To honor their memories, TeaPromise is encouraging a letter-writing campaign for the families of #OurThreeWinners. We want to remember what’s truly important in this life. 

Hand write a letter to the families of the winners and tell them what impact their children had on your lives. What do they mean to you? How do they relate to you? What have you learned from them? Or simply just share your love, support, and prayers with the family. The address to send your letters is:

Arab American Association of New York
7111 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11209


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