The Drive

My eyes on the road,
my mind on my worries,
my heart in Your hands.
Thoughts occupying my mind
like Israel occupies Palestine
Ideas rushing through my brain
faster than the wheels
turning on this car.

My heart cries.

I almost crash into
the adjacent structures of yesterday
and swerve into
the undiscovered lands of tomorrow.


One giant droplet falls
from the sunny, unsuspecting sky.
It is a leader amongst the
of baby droplets that follow.
It is the leader of my transcendental reflections
and my wishful prayers for
closeness to You
and for success
and justice
and the list goes on
and on
and on
and on
until I reach my destination
and my thoughts quickly cease;
my prayers drizzle into one last bead of hope
and finally, I am home.
They say home is where the heart is
and my heart is with You.




© 2012 TeaPromise. All Rights Reserved.


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