Divine Duaas

Many times in life we feel we are at a loss, in despair, or depressed. We do not know what to do. Other times, we are so ecstatic we cannot contain our screams, and times where tears of joy spring forth from our eyes. How do we express ourselves? I have found that duaa (supplication) is the best way to communicate my heart to Allah (God). I find the ultimate satisfaction in making duaa and expressing all my wants and fears to Allah. Duaa is not necessarily only asking for things, but its a time of reflection and simply speaking to Allah. Although it’s nice to express feelings and concerns to a friend or loved one, it’s completely different than sharing with The Supreme (Al-Muta-ala) and The Light (Al-Nur). I find comfort in knowing that there is a higher entity out there that protects and cares for me. It’s nice to know that I can ask Allah to shower me in His light and make me radiate in His beauty. Although sharing with a friend may provide temporary contentment, but sharing with Al-Hakim (The Perfectly Wise) brings complete fulfillment and tranquility to my heart because I know that He hears me and will answer my prayers in the best way, better than what I or anyone else could imagine for me. My favorite times to make duaa are while driving, spending time in nature, jogging, and during sujud at night. You’ll see a trend among the times I listed, and they are times of solitude. This alone time for myself to reflect on my days and experiences allows me to think about where I am in life, where I want to be and how to improve myself. One of my favorite quotes by Rumi is “Whenever you are alone, remind yourself that God has sent everyone else away so that there is only you and Him.”

You’ll find in theological history that all the prophets used to spend time in nature and reflect. Prophet Muhammed PBUH used to hike up the mountain to Ghar (cave) Hira and spend days to weeks there and just reflect and supplicate his Lord. With the technology that keeps our generation consumed and our eyes glued to our screens, let’s take sometime time to unplug and truly pour our hearts out to Allah and ask Him anything we please, confess sins directly to Him, ask for His forgiveness, thank Him for our infinite blessings, simply share a nice story you experienced, or tell Him about a new person you met, and make duaa that only the best comes your way. Don’t forget to make duaa for your friends and all your bothers and sisters around the world.

The encouraging feeling about duaa and salat (prayer) is that you do not have to acquire some sort of divinity or be a saint. As Muslims we believe that all humans are created equal and each have an equal value of worship and that God is the Ultimate Power with no associates. Everyone has the blessing of supplicating and praying directly to Allah with no intercessor.

Duaa does not stay in the sky as mere evaporated water. Rather, by the will of Allah, it will unfold to firmly plant its feet in this earth and build mountains. The more I believe in this, the more gratified, relaxed, and happier I feel. May you find contentment, empowerment, and love in all aspects of your life. May your heart be the richest of them all and may all the prayers of your heart be answered.

Click here, a list with supporting evidence, if you’d like to know the best times to make duaa and have them accepted inshallah (God-willing).

Below is an eloquent English version of duaa al qunoot that you may have heard in Witr Prayer.  Enjoy.



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