Pondering on People

Ever wonder about the chain of people around you? Whether its just a stranger passing, a new friend capturing your heart, or a loved one embracing your comfort, that random stranger you briefly saw from the corner of your eye in a stadium full of people would somehow become your best friend, or a relative of your friend, or a mutual friend.  Each person that has come into your presence has a significance in your life. I have met many wonderful individuals that make my heart smile so hard that it makes my face hurt. Some of them I have known for a long time, but only recently gotten to really know their beautiful souls. Others, I have spent a few days who immediately captured my heart. There is another graceful soul I closely befriended, and had it not been for God’s perfectly planned moments would have been a complete stranger. We had discovered weeks later that we had apparently met as toddlers. Who knew when we briefly said hello as toddlers in a completely different state, that we would be reunited 2 decades later, half way across the country to become good friends. Nothing is ever coincidental. And what about those people who enter your life only to bring pain and sadness into your life? These people play the important role of making you stronger. There may be people you think are completely negligible in your life and are just there taking up space. Wrong. You see that stranger waiting for the train on the platform 20 feet down? Yup, that person may have saved your life in the past,or may change your life in the future, but you won’t know it and you may never know it. Every soul, every breath, every whisper cultivates your outlook on life, your dealings with others, and enriches your experiences.


Thinking back at my day, I can’t help but ponder upon all the different people that have entered my life. My day started with a teacher that taught me a valuable lesson, and continued with a friend. This friend is such a strong individual, and seeing her so happy today caused her vulnerability to pass through the cracks of her smile. The day progressed with an acquaintance. We get a good laugh with each other and enjoy each other’s company, and that’s about it. Next came the one with whom our relationship is based on the similarities of our different beliefs. Then, there was the mystery. I cannot crack it yet, but I will persist because the enlightenment brought about by this one is incomparable. Later, I came home to a conversation with one of the most influential people in my life. Then I went out in the evening with a group–a mix of all of the above mentioned types of people. And I ended the night by recapping my day with the best friend I ever had.

So many people enter my life every day. Some leave a significant imprint on my heart, while others leave just as quickly as they arrived. But no matter what, each one was meant to play a role in my ultimate goal in life. Each one serves to shape me into the person I am meant to become. And I believe that each one of these people will resurface later in my life with a greater significance, or at the very least with a better understanding, on my part, of that person’s role in my life.

Which leads me to believe that if these people are having such a great impact on my life, they deserve to know it. Thank you to the teacher who taught me about an important topic, and regards to my strong friend whose genuine happiness breaks me, sincerely. Tribute to the acquaintance whose laughs brighten up my day, and cheers to the one whose different belief proves to show our similarities more than anything else. Gratefulness towards the captivating mystery for showing me that in order to solve it, I need to learn more about myself. And love sent to my great influence and to my best friend for being there for me through every situation .



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