Musings on Life and Time

There is no time for sleep. I used to think that when I graduate from my many, many years of schooling that I will finally have time to sleep. More time to shop, and lounge around. But now, as I am growing nearer to that freedom that I have dreamt about for so many years, I am realizing that the opposite is true. I am filling my “free” time with other responsibilities and things that I don’t have to do, but I know will add character and meaning to my life now, and in the future.  I only have a limited time on this earth and there is so much I want to accomplish before I can no longer contribute to humanity. There is not enough time to read every book, and to learn the meaning of every word in the dictionary, and to sincerely touch the lives of everyone in the world. There is simply, never enough time. And the thought of this truly saddens me. That there is a whole world of knowledge that I will never know; an entire population, I will never meet. Which is why I cannot spend my life sleeping, when I could be exploring the marvelousness the world has to offer.




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