Finding True Love (Pt 2. AH)

Looking back at October’s monthly theme  helped me evaluate the current phenomenon.

“Love is in the air.” “10 ways to find love.” ” Will you be my valentine?” “This is my favorite holiday.'” “I hate this holiday.” “Love sucks.” “What’s love got to do with anything?”

Valentine’s Day. People either obsess over it or absolutely HATE it.  Why are people so miserable? Is it because they don’t have someone to share this  holiday with? Why is it so hard to find love? Why is love so overrated? People frustrate over this and are unsatisfied as they are always searching for  true love. But, what is true love? People look for love in the wrong places and the wrong people. Don’t get me wrong, my faith strongly encourages love between spouses and among friends and family:

“And of His signs, another one is that He created for you mates from among yourselves that you may find comfort with them, and He planted love and kindness in your hearts; surely there are signs in this for those who think about it.” (30:21)

But many couple are still unhappy and unfulfilled.

So, what’s missing?

Discovering true love comes from acknowledging and whole heartedly having a connection, a bond with the Divine, the Master of Love, Al-Wadud the Most-  Loving. Wud is a love that is most apparent, manifest pure and true. Once you secure the binding love with your Lord, attach yourself to Al-Wadud, affectionate tenderness will reflect in each of your relationships and every aspect of life yielding  ultimate satisfaction, bringing everything to fall perfectly into place. You will feel the coolness in your eyes, serenely happy, refreshingly alive, deeply loved. Naturally, we are social beings who find comfort in the presence of others, and love is vital to our existence. But by placing Allah’s love as our central means of love, we will be fulfilled.

Here are some pointers to help us get closer to Al-Wadud. We must ask ourselves the question: what/who is it that we love most? What/who is it that we think about when we first wake up, when we go to sleep? When we pray? I once heard this example by a speaker: when madly in love with someone, you are constantly thinking about your lover.  Do you need an alarm on your phone to remind you, hey, it’s time to love so and so… don’t forget to think about how much you adore her/his smile. That sounds silly because you don’t need a reminder; you are constantly thinking about your lover.

Why do we need those reminders to think about God? Can we reach a level where we are constantly thinking about him throughout our day? I’m not saying we should seclude ourselves and just sit and worship, because Islam is a way of life that guides one to incorporate simple everyday tasks within one’s faith. Thinking about Allah most of the day takes a lot of work, and for one to have reached that level took a process of purification. That purification is custom made to each individual because Allah knows what each person can handle, and Allah does not give someone something they cannot handle.

Don’t feel sad if you don’t have a significant other or if you didn’t receive a valentine’s card/candy/flowers. Don’t be frustrated that you are “alone.” Because in reality you are not alone; true love is smack dab in the middle of your face. It’s right THERE! Take a step back, open your eyes, and seize it. What are you waiting for? Trust and love Allah most because there is no other love that is greater. I pray that we constantly seek Al-Wadud, and that we are of the most beloved to The Creator of Love. Ameen.

“O Allah! Grant me Your love, and the love of a person whom my loving him will be of benefit to me near You. O Allah! Whatever You have granted me from what I love, make it a means of strength for me to use in the way You love. O Allah! Whatever love (of things) You have removed from me then grant in its place the love (of things) that You love.” (Tirmidhi)


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