Blog Launch Tea Party!

A few of weeks ago, on October 12, we had a TeaPromise Blog Launch Party themed as a tea party! Alhamdulilah it turned out to be a great event with wonderful people and what we hope came across as a great message.

The event was held at Powell’s Bookstore in Chicago, IL near UIC’s campus. The staff at Powell’s were remarkable! They were very nice, helped us set up, and took the extra step by helping us load our car 🙂

The party included an intro speech by yours truly (Isra and Azkar) explaining the purpose of our blog TeaPromise,  (click here to read more about that).

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We entertained our guests by original spoken word pieces, “Derailed” and “A Letter to Silence” performed by our friend Ayah Chehade from the blog “The Lullabies that Keep Me Sane”. We also had a DIY project led by our friend Fatima Ibrahim from the blog “Lace, Pearls & Chocolate.” She taught our guests how to make a cute tassel that can be worn on a bracelet.

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We ended the night with the salat al maghrib (sunset prayer) and some finger foods for those who were fasting (due to Dhul Hijja), cupcakes from NBluf, and different flavors of tea for tasting.

There were raffle prizes, and guests were given the opportunity to explore the different booths at the party. We had jewelry for sale from Stella & Dot and scarves, jewelry, skirts, and more for sale by blogger Hakeemah from CoverMeBeautiful.

Additionally we had a henna booth, done by Doaa Abdo, photo booth, and an art gallery with pieces from local artists including Bana Zayyad, Zaina Zayyad, Leena Sulieman, Julia Salamah, and Jumana Qawasme

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The tea display featured  a vintage tea set that belonged to Isra’s grandmother . The “TeaPromise Book Picks” booth was an exhibit of some of our favorite books, because what is tea time without a discussion of books?

And as guests were leaving, they were each given a special memento from the party that included a designer name gift box with goodies inside and a special message from us:

“You are probably expecting a fancy, expensive gift from a designer name brand. Well, you are not going to receive it. As humans, we sometimes get distracted by superficial things. We need to remember where beauty truly comes from (Allah (SWT)) and we need to constantly remind ourselves not to get caught up in worldly pleasures. Though we have included some goodies in this box, we hope to instill in ourselves the constant reminder to always look beyond the outside packaging into something deeper. We pray that you find ease in looking beyond outer allure and finding the real treasures that lie within.”

Thank you to all of our sponsors and vendors! We greatly appreciate your help!

Cover Me Beautiful by Hakeemah
Stella and Dot
Zainab Zarzour Photography (photo credit goes to Zainab Zarzour)
Julia Salameh

And a special thank you to all of our volunteers, without whom this party would not have been possible:
Um Ahmad and Um Ahmad (our mothers), Hedaya Zahdan, Doaa Abdo, Ramsha Khan, Sonya Zayyad, Fatima Ibrahim, Asma Tawil, and Serene Jabri.

Please keep us in your duaas (prayers) always.


© 2012 TeaPromise. All Rights Reserved.


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