Shades of Change: A Month of New Beginnings. Bismillah.

Inhaling air molecules. Hold it in; Pause. Blinking the blurry images swiftly across my vision. Buzzing sounds filtering through my ears. Rough surfaces scratching my fingers. Hard piece of candy sticking to my teeth. RELEASE it all- exhale the smell of freshly cut grass, happy tears roll down my cheeks, distinguished sounds of music sprinkle out, smooth glass surfaces glide across my hands, refreshing mint-candy melts in my mouth. Embracing myself for new colors to unravel and float all around me and embody every one of my senses.


On a brisk Sunday morning last November, my sister-in-law and brother came over for a family breakfast. My sister-in-law made cookies that were neatly wrapped in aluminum foil. She set them on the breakfast table and once they were unwrapped my entire family gathered to find that each gingerbread cookie had a big white, creamy, letter iced on to it.  As if we were solving a puzzle, we arranged each cookie strategically to decipher the secret message, until finally I cracked the code and read aloud,  “We are pregnant!”


I remember looking over at my mom’s beaming face as my younger brothers gushed about how they were going to be uncles, and my father congratulated my brother and sister-in-law. I was so excited for this little person, who at the time was no bigger than a crumb from the cookies made to announce her anticipated arrival! My excitement was so much that while we were eating breakfast I mistakenly asked my brother to “pass the baby, please” instead of, “pass the orange juice, please.”

People enter our lives everyday. Most of the time we meet people in school, or at work, or through mutual friends. Sometimes the people we meet gradually become a part of our everyday lives. But other times, they enter our lives abruptly, and sometimes without warning. Occasionally, we spend months awaiting the presence of a new member of our lives and when they arrive we fall in love with them at once. This month I became an aunt for the very first time. My niece is essentially a stranger to me (after all, I did just meet her) yet I would do anything for her. I do not easily allow people to become prominent figures in my life, and it is only after much consideration that I let people in and love them. So when this precious little human came into my life and immediately I let her in and loved her, I could not help but be astounded at how a powerless little baby could be so effective in capturing the love of those around her.

Change has been the only constant in my life. Typically I struggle with change and I have to literally train myself to find the best in each new situation. But this change was different. It required no mental preparation, no training, and absolutely no sadness, alhamdulilah. In a time when I am constantly praying for my acceptance of new changes happening in my life, I have been blessed with the best change–a new person to add to the small collection of people who make my life worthwhile. My niece has been a beautiful change in my life from the start and I pray that as she grows up, she may have a life filled with beautiful changes, inshAllah.


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