Giants in the Water

It was like a scene from Harry Potter. I was somewhere near a water cove, and there were giants, and it was known that the giants were dangerous and will harm anything strange to them. But one of the giants looked different than the others. He had a kindness to his appearance. But despite this, I prepared for the worst. As he approached me, I wrapped my arms around myself bracing myself for pain. He stood in front of me and began to pounce at me, ready for attack. I squeezed my eyes shut, thinking it was the end of it for me. But it was not. I opened my eyes, and I was wholly unscathed, and there he was still in front of me with gentle eyes, and soft features that completely betrayed his colossal form. I was utterly baffled. Why am I not dead yet? He pounced again, but this time I kept my eyes open, and he hit the ground in front of me. The earth beneath me rumbled, and the water splashed all around. What was he doing? He looked at me with an expression full of curiosity, then looked around at the other giants as if looking for approval. The other giants attack any other creatures besides themselves–including puny humans like myself. But this giant was, for a reason beyond my understanding, protecting me. He pretended to pounce at me so that the other giants would not hurt me.

The water suddenly froze over from the surface, then started to crack, losing all support. The gentle-eyed giant grabbed my little self into the palm of his hand, and sunk us underneath the ice cold water. I was chilled to the bone, so scared, losing precious air, ready to drown. But the giant held me in his hand, told me everything was okay and that I would be safe with him. He pointed to two wide bandages in his hand, and then he pointed to my neck. Why did he want me to put bandages on my neck? That was not going to save my life! I’m not bleeding! I need air! I gave up trying to comprehend this enormous being. Black and white spots filled my vision, my last breath was not lasting me long enough to live. He did not wait for me to take action and he placed the bandages on my neck, one on each side. I refused to breathe in water to fill my lungs, I would have rather died holding my last breath of air. My head exploded with pain, my limbs went numb, and I began to die. Cool water rushed in through every opening, sinking me down. As soon as I began to weigh down, I was immediately raised up, feeling as light as a feather, and I was jolted awake! Gasping air, I breathed life back into what I thought was a drowned death. But as I looked around, I was still enveloped by water. Yet, I was still alive. My hands were directly drawn up to my neck to feel strange slits. I looked up to find the kind giant staring at me. All I could do was stay by him. I did not know where else to go. Somehow I understood that he would never harm me. That he only wanted to keep me safe.

Then, I awakened from this strange dream. Bewilderment.


© 2012 TeaPromise. All Rights Reserved.


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