The Gift in your Name

Your name is Athkar ( أذكار) to permenantly  remind you to make thikr (remembrance of Allah) all the time. Not only when you’re in times of distress and in need of Him. Not only when you feel like it or when you remember to. But to incorporate it in every aspect of your life, to infuse it in your every cell of your being, to capture it in your every blink of sight. These powerful experiences will guarantee that you will be in constant thikr. Your thikr is your air, your food, your water, your medicine, your healing, your protection, your lifeline. Never underestimate the miraculous power of God’s words, and the remembrance of Him. Sometimes it seems unreal. But don’t forget, look back and remember how real it all was.

Your name is Isra (إسراء) to remind you that you will always endure change, but that you will be alright. Because you will come out of it strong and it will take you places you never thought were possible, all within a short span of time. You will not live a static life. Remember back to the story of the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) of Al-Israa wal Mi`raj. You will always be moving your life to different locations, states, and countries… a series of transitions. You are meant to travel and move closer to better things and raise you in levels of faith to guarantee you the constant intimacy with the Creator of change.


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