إن الله على كل شيء قدير (Indeed, Allah is able to do all things)

This is what we inspired our monthly themes so we decided to use it for one of our months as a constant reminder. This theme saved our lives in a way. I fell asleep one night saying إن الله على كل شيء قدير  until my lips trailed off into peaceful Zzzs. And since adopting that strong thikr into my life, everything started to unfold. And subhanallah we learned a lot about ourselves and life itself, and of course we are still learning.   –AH

Truly God is able to do all things…even when you think that your world is falling apart with cracks forming beneath your feet, one foot slips here under a splintering earthquake and the other foot gets caught there in quicksand, so you swing your arm to hook around  the mountain for support, something you think is solidified tripled in size extended below the earth, but your arm slips and you see a gaping hole in this heap of earth to find that it was instead an empty shell with no foundation, so you fall further and further into in this shattering world of yours… When you feel like you truly don’t know what to do, you don’t know the right decision for you, that in the end God will take care of it because He is capable of ALLLL things.  It wasn’t just in the end, it was ALWAYS the case. Realizing that if I simply do my best and fully believe with every cell in my being that Allah will take care of the rest, then life becomes a lot easier to endure.He will fix all your ailments. And that mountain becomes firm with full reinforcement, that quicksand becomes securely fixed, and that fractured world joins together providing a comforting safe space because it is not YOU who has control, but it is He.


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