Be the Best We Are To Prove it To Allah, for Him Alone

Love. Fate. School. Quran. Family. Love. Fate. School. Quran. School. Quran. School. Quran. Quran. Love. Fate. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love.


We work so hard to excel in every aspect of our lives but in the end, our successes and failures in our education, careers, faith, and relationships are all meant to be what they are. When things don’t work out the way I would like, I find myself being disappointed in myself and dwelling on what could have been.

Did I do said thing to impress someone? Did I do it to prove to others what I am capable of? I know that I shouldn’t be trying to impress anyone because everything I do should be for God, and only Him. So then why I am crying after a lousy exam score knowing full well that I did my best? Why am I feeling guilty for being pages behind in my Quran memorization, even though I am not wasting time and using every second to its fullest? Why am I feeling melancholy over an exchange that ended abruptly or one that was never given a chance to grow?

The disappointments I experience stem from not fulfilling certain expectations, not meeting deadlines and from being imperfect–being human. That’s not to say that I should give up and stop trying, but if I am working hard and pushing myself to be the best I can be, then what should any of that matter? If my intentions are to live my life to please only Allah then I should be content with the results of these matters.

Progress pending.


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